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Helping Law Firms Win Complex Cases Efficiently


Litigation lawyers often refer to themselves as being “aggressive.” That’s fine, as far as it goes, but I think it’s more important to be strategic. Here’s why:

aggressively typically means asserting every imaginable claim or defense, demanding every document or other bit of information that the law allows, raising every conceivable objection, taking everyone’s deposition, and so on. The goal, usually, is to make litigation so expensive that the other guy will surrender, regardless of how much it costs your client.

strategically, by contrast, means litigating efficiently by picking and choosing battles based on costs, benefits and probabilities. The goal is to maximize the net amount that the client recovers or gets to keep, not to maximize the legal fees that both sides have to pay.

When you hire me to help your firm with litigation, I will help you try to find the other guy’s Achilles heel, the fatal flaw in his Death Star, to achieve your clients’ objectives as economically as possible.

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