Lawsuits. Arbitration. Appeals.
If you or your company are in a business dispute, you need an experienced trial lawyer who can settle your case if possible and take it through trial if necessary. My services include:
  • Negotiating on your behalf with vendors, customers, insurers, partners, creditors, government agencies or others to try to settle the dispute without litigation;
  • Filing and prosecuting lawsuits in state or federal court to protect your rights or your company's rights;
  • Defending you and your company in lawsuits;
  • Obtaining preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders;
  • Representing you in mediation and arbitration proceedings;
  • Presenting your case in jury and bench trials; and
  • Protecting your rights on appeal
My clients have come from a variety of industries, including: real estate, entertainment, software, retail, aviation, cellular telecommunications, natural gas, banking, advertising, restaurants, hotels, accounting and construction. Their lawsuits have involved a wide variety of legal subjects, including: breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, trade secrets, copyright, employment discrimination, etc.

When you're in a dispute, it is important to hire a good trial lawyer, rather than a lawyer who specializes in one area of the law, or one industry. Why? Because you need a lawyer who wins cases in court. A good trial lawyer can learn quickly about whatever industry you're in and whatever laws your dispute involves by reading and talking to others. By contrast, an attorney who specializes in one industry or area of the law cannot become a good trial lawyer just by reading or talking to others. Winning cases in court requires a unique skill set that does not come from books or conversations. That is the special set of skills that I have developed over a lifetime. I know how to present your case.

Let's talk about your situation. Call me, Walter Whitman Moore, at 213.290.1709 or click here to send me email.
If you are a lawyer whose law firm has more work than you can handle, call me before you hire a new associate. Having me help you from time to time as a contract attorney may benefit you and your clients more than adding a less experienced attorneys to your payroll permanently. If your firm does not handle litigation and needs to find litigation counsel for a client, referral fees are available pursuant Rule 2-200 of the California Rules of Professional Conduct. Either way, call me, Walter Whitman Moore, at 213.290.1709, to discuss how I can help you help your clients.