Hourly Rate or Flat Monthly Fee
When you hire me, you may choose between two billing options.

Option No. 1: Hourly Rate
You pay for my legal services by the hour. You'll receive a monthly bill detailing how my time was spent, down to tenths of an hour.

Option No. 2: Flat Monthly Fee
You pay a flat fee per month, so you will know in advance how much you'll owe each month for legal services. I'll quote you a figure after we discuss your case.

Most litigation attorneys do not offer flat fees at all. I started offering clients flat fee options back in the 1990's. There was even an article about it in the
Princeton Alumni Weekly in 1998.

In addition to paying fees for my legal services, you will also pay for various third-party costs and expenses (e.g., court filing fees, court reporters, videographers, etc.). Also, regardless of which billing option you select, I will require a signed, written fee agreement and a retainer
before I start working on your case.

You don't have to hand over a blank check to get a good lawyer. Call me today, and let's figure out what it will cost you to accomplish your goals.

Call me at 310.859.9754 or click here to send me email.