Trial Lawyer
Business and Real Estate Disputes
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If you need help with a business or real estate dispute, let's talk. My name is Walter Whitman Moore, and I'm a trial lawyer in Beverly Hills. Call me at 310.859.9754 or send me email. Here is what sets me apart from other litigation attorneys:
  • Victories. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, as they say, but can you think of a better indicator?I have defeated some of the biggest firms in America in state and federal courts, in trial courts and on appeal. Read all about it at my Victories page.
  • Credentials. I graduated with honors from Princeton and Georgetown Law; was an Editor of The Georgetown Law Journal; and taught legal research and writing, and oral advocacy to first-year law students at Georgetown Law.
  • Strategy. I always try not just to win, but to win efficiently. Learn more at my Strategy page.
  • Fees. I give clients two billing options: an hourly rate, or a flat monthly fee. For details, visit my Fees page.
Before you settle for a lesser lawyer, call me to discuss your situation. If I can't help you myself, I'll try to refer you to a lawyer who can. Don't worry about wasting my time. I will welcome your call. There's no charge for the initial consultation, and you will become my client only when we have a signed fee agreement. Let's talk.

Call me at 310.859.9754 or click here to send me email.