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Flat Fees. Good Results.
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If you need help with a business dispute in the Los Angeles area, call me. My name is Walter Whitman Moore, and I'm a trial lawyer in Beverly Hills. Dial 213.290.1709 or send me email. Here's what sets me apart:
  • Flat Fees. Most litigation attorneys charge by the hour, so clients never really know in advance how much a lawsuit will cost them. Although I offer clients the option of paying by the hour, I also offer two other options: a flat monthly fee, or à la carte pricing for each project. That means you can know the amount of your legal fees in advance. (Learn more at the Fees page.)
  • Good Results. For over 30 years, I have successfully represented public and private companies and individuals in a wide variety of fairly complicated cases, and have defeated some of the biggest firms in America in state and federal courts, in trial courts and on appeal. (Learn more at the Victories page.) Past performance is no guarantee of future results, as they say, but can you think of a better indicator? I attribute my winning track record to my education — I graduated with honors from Princeton and Georgetown Law, and was an Editor of The Georgetown Law Journal — and to my strategy for winning cases efficiently. (Learn more at the Strategy page.)
Call me. If I can't help you myself, I'll try to refer you to a lawyer who can. Don't worry about wasting my time. I will welcome your call. There's no charge for the initial consultation, and you will become my client only when we have a signed fee agreement. Let's talk.

Call me at 213.290.1709 or click here to send me email.

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